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The best possible taste, texture and quality.

Frozen turkey breast female peppered blockfrozen

SAP CODE: 1030296

Description: We know that quality is the most important ingredient in your ham recipes. That’s why, at Agrosuper we work hard day by day to bring you consistent top quality turkey products with great flavor. Trust us, your clients will appreciate the difference of ham made with Agrosuper ingredients.
Our work is based on a vertical integration model, meaning we have full control over each and every one of our production processes: from the manufacture of animal feed for our turkeys, to the delivery of our products to over 60 countries around the world.
Trust Agrosuper: our products always comply with the highest standards of safety and flavor.
Boneless, skinless.

Shelf life: 547 days frozen, keep frozen at -18°C.

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600 Kg.
Bag: Light blue printed bag. 450x800x105 mm.
Case: 1121x928 mm. / 40 bags per case.
Palletization: Ti/Hi: 5/16