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We guarantee quality and consistency in all of our products.

Frozen chicken breast natural blockfrozen

SAP CODE: 1011749

Description: At Agrosuper, we produce top quality chicken ingredients for your dishes. If you’re looking to surprise your clients, then our Frozen Chicken Breast is the perfect choice, bringing flavor to your production.
Our vertical integration allows for consistency and makes each and every one of our products fully traceable, from origin to sale.
All our chicken products are made in production plants that boast 7 international certificates, verifying the quality and safety of our work.
Trust Agrosuper, top quality every step of the way.
Acceptable number of bones: <6mm=40; 6-13mm=70; 13mm-2c- m=5; 2-5cm=1; >5cm=0.
Blood traces no bigger than 0.5cm in the wing joint area.

Shelf life: 547 days frozen, keep frozen at -18°C.

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10 Kg.
Bag: Blue bag. 530x630 mm. 100 mic.
Case: 500x400x100 mm. / 1 bag per case.
Palletization: Ti/Hi: 6/19