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Our People

Our collaborators are fundamental to our success and the key to our future.

From Brazil all the way to South Korea, every Agrosuper office around the world prioritizes a safe, gratifying work environment where talent meets opportunity.

collaborators currently work in Agropsuper’s offices in Chile and around the world in 5 other countries.

The road to building the perfect workplace

1Positive work culture

These four pillars define our work culture:

Communication: <br />key to success
key to success
Great environment:  <br />through hard work and perseverance
Great environment:
through hard work and perseverance
Involved <br />leaders
Cross-sectional and informal leadership
Cross-sectional and informal leadership

2 Non-stop Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of Agrosuper. We encourage our workers to go beyond normal standards by supporting their projects and finding new ways to improve working conditions. We currently have an agreement with Centro Innova UC, working to advance with innovation projects and providing support for I+D projects (Investigation and Development).

Project Big Speaker:

We are currently testing to see how music can help to reduce workplace accidents and at the same time improve our workers’ performance.

The MA 100 Project:

To make extraction of the membrane found in baby back ribs more efficient, a group of our collaborators designed and created new technology, replacing the old way of doing it by hand and improving workplace safety. The invention was recognized by the Institute of Workplace Safety (IST).

3 We empower our collaborators



Throughout 2018, we invested 484,189 hours in order to train our collaborators.

Our training programs are divided into 4 categories based on these objectives:

  • Continuous training programs – oriented towards developing competencies which add value to performance on the job.
  • Support programs for skills perfection and specialization – oriented towards boosting development and influencing professional performance.
  • Programs oriented towards supporting development of our organization and strengthening our work culture.
  • Specific training activities for teams and for individuals – oriented towards developing competencies and keeping up to date on relevant material for their position.

4 Our people and their people

We care about our collaborators’ families and their wellbeing. We throw a huge Christmas party for them every year and we’ve also created summer and winter vacation programs. We provide health insurance for our collaborators and their direct family and we offer loans to those who are looking to buy or repair their house.

We give out bonuses when our collaborators get married or have children and also when their children are about to start school, to cover the expenses that come at the start of the school year.

To help make all of this happen, we have our Family Care Center (CAF) which responds to inquiries and facilitates the benefits process for our workers and their families.