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Animal Welfare

At Agrosuper we firmly believe that healthy production goes hand in hand with a responsible attitude towards the animals.

1. Genetics of Our Animals

To ensure the provision of the highest quality food, at Agrosuper we have incorporated commercial breeds with high genetic value, which are fed with diets that provide an efficient use of nutrients in their growth.

2. Desensitization Process

Agrosuper has a strong conviction that healthy production only exists when a responsible attitude is observed towards animals, constantly watching out for their welfare. Along these lines, we have incorporated spaces for effective desensitization prior to slaughter, preventing animal suffering and thereby aligning ourselves with the most demanding animal welfare standards in the world.

3. Animal Transport Times

In our constant search to maintain animal welfare, we have incorporated trucks with lifts and a cooling and air conditioning system to control temperature and humidity, which favors ambient conditions during transport.

The proximity of our productive facilities ensures that transit time does not exceed 8 hours, in compliance with SAG decree 30 on animal transport.

4. Animal Welfare Committee at Agrosuper

To ensure compliance with our Animal Welfare Policy, we have created a Multidisciplinary Committee at Agrosuper. This includes the participation of the areas of animal production, sustainability, transport, operational excellence, innovation and sanitation, and its purpose is to comply with current standards and implement best practices, ongoing improvements and new technologies associated with the proper conditions for raising our animals.

5. Objectives and Purpose of Animal Welfare

Agrosuper is a member of the Pork Producers Trade Association of Chile (ASPROCER in Spanish), which is working in conjunction with the Chilean Agriculture Agency (Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero, SAG) to develop manuals for best practices in animal welfare. We currently have a best practices manual for pigs and are developing one for birds. 

The full manual for pigs (in Spanish) can be found at the following link:  

6. Role of the Agriculture Agency (Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero, SAG) at Agrosuper

Our objective is to provide trust and assurance to our customers and consumers in all of the markets where our products are sold. To achieve this, the work of the Agriculture Agency (Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero, SAG) is fundamental. SAG is present in all stages of our productive process and it certifies the products we produce.

7. Innovation in Animal Welfare

This information is included in the 2018 Integrated Report, which is also reviewed to validate information.

8. Consumer Training on Animal Welfare

We have initiated a new experience that opens our doors to receive all those who want to see our productive process, from raising animals to the distribution of our products in Chile and around the world. To learn more about this experience, click here:

9. Joint Projects with Universities

We have formed partnerships with diverse universities in Chile (Universidad de Chile, Universidad Mayor and Universidad de Las Américas) to develop research projects related to animal behavior and welfare. This has led to the implementation of initiatives such as classical music and pheromones for animals during gestation and lactation.

10. Cage Free

We don’t use cages at any stage of the productive process for birds (chicken and turkey). Furthermore, in 2018, as an industry and as members of the Pork Producers Trade Association of Chile (Asprocer in Spanish), we made a commitment that new projects would consider the incorporation of pens for hogs during gestation.